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Welcome to the Magdalene Alaha Shelá Membership

Alaha Shelá in Aramaic means Sacred Unity in Prayer or it could also be translated as the Prayer of Sacred Unity. This is also the title of my third book.

Alaha is the word Yeshua and Mary Magdalene used to refer to God-Goddess, the Abwoon, the Mother-Father Divine. As we move towards an inner and outer Sacred Unity, the closer we are to ALAHA. As we breath in the Divine breath, we know that it is Shekinah, the Divine Feminine Presence, breathing through us. We are connected, we are one, we are Sacred Unity.

In this membership, I offer the teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Christ Mystery School, including the Light Beings that are part of the Spiral of the Rosa Mystica, as we gather in Community to experience the powerful Presence of these teachings that reach our lives. We open ourselves to receive the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine Presence that is incarnated in our Body by turning it into the Sacred Chalice. One of the strongest novelties is the inclusion of teachings in Aramaic. Aramaic is a Feminine language while many of the languages we speak have their root in Latin or Greek, Masculine languages. The two energies are important and to experience a language like Aramaic that is like an open Sacred Womb that contains infinite possibilities of creation and that does not separate the soul and the body, nor the sky and the earth, is to dive into the Ultimate Divine Union. This is the Bridal Chamber. The more we chant mantras in Aramaic and open ourselves to understand certain teachings of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, our brain is reprogrammed and our DNA is restored to the Sacred Unity that ALAHA brings us.

This Membership includes:

live Workshops - Ceremonies. These are recorded if you are not able to be present in real time.

a 21 day Sadhana for each Lunar Cycle.

Aramaic Lessons

Embodiment: Celestial Communication, Ahava Sacred Dance, Abwoon Yoga Magdalene Womb Yoga, Kabalistic Practices, Frame Drumming, Sacred Flamenco

Ebook on a Zodiacal Archetype. The way I teach astrology is aligned with the Aramaic Activations and the Gnostic Teachings.

Sacred Writing - Sacred Scripture

Awakening Creativity WE ARE CREATING HUMANS

As Mary Magdalene represents the MEM activation, we gather in the New Moon and Full Moon.

The Moon represents our soul incarnated in this world and when we align with the cycles of the Moon to do deep spiritual work we purify the Karmic ties and cords we may have, giving the Soul space to commune with the Divine Feminine Presence. Manifestation is one of the most powerful results of working with the Moon. The reason for this is because Saturn has very powerful control over the Moon as Saturn represents our individual Karma. Saturn is restrictive and only allows us to manifest according to the Soul Work and healing g we do through the Moon. The more we align to the Moon, the more Saturn starts to liberate us and we have room for the Moon to connect with Neptune, activating the Soul essence to be expressed through the Human Incarnation. Therefore, obstacles are removed and manifestation becomes magic.

Starting in January 2022 we are incorporating the Monthly Venus Gates Rose Moon teachings.

Welcome to this Mystical Experience of the Magdalene Alaha Shelá Membership.

For any questions you may email me: [email protected]

This Membership is for Men and Women.

With Love and Gratitude, I hold you in my Heart.

May we always know that we are loved by the Abwoon, the MOTHER - FATHER.


Ana Otero

*There is a 30 day refund policy once you sign up for the membership (starting on the date you signed up). AHAVA

Your Instructor

Ana Otero, Founder Ahava University
Ana Otero, Founder Ahava University

Ana Otero is a Mystic, Dancer, Author, Yogi, Artist, Teacher of the Desert Rose Transmissions, Mother and Lover to the Beloved. She holds a PHD in Dance Movement Therapy and strongly incorporates embodiment in all of her work. In 2011 after a dark night of the soul she had her first apparition of Mary Magdalene while she was in the desert of Oman. Following the teachings given to her by Mary Magdalene through her Channelings and Apparitions, Ana Otero created Mary Magdalene Mystery School in 2014, which later became in 2022 Ahava University. Ana Otero offers online and live trainings, workshops, retreats, and events.


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May your visit to the Sacred Wells of the Divine Feminine take you to the Mystery of your innate Wisdom. Ahava

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