Our voices, sound, drumming, and languages like Aramaic and Hebrew hold profound healing powers that can touch us deeply at both physical and spiritual levels, awakening a Remembrance of lifetimes. Our voices are not just tools for communication; they are instruments of creation, capable of expressing our innermost feelings and emotions. Our voices are the part of our phyisical body that are not from here, they are connected to the Beresheet, the first moment of creation.

Drumming, as a form of sound therapy, uses rhythm and vibration to harmonize our body's energy, facilitate a meditative state, and foster a sense of unity and connection. The drum's rhythmic beats mimic the natural pulse of life, aligning us with the heartbeat of the Cosmic Intelligence.

Aramaic and Hebrew, add a very powerful layer to sound healing. These ancient languages, often used in sacred texts and prayers, hold deep vibrational qualities. When spoken or chanted, their words and phrases can resonate with our spiritual essence, promoting healing, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection with Alaha.

Combined, the power of our voices, sounds, drumming, and sacred languages like Aramaic and Hebrew can create a potent experience of healing, awakening and expansion.

Your voice , your innate sound, is the revelation of the the Holy Word.


Ana Otero

The Holy Pulse Mentorship

At the age of 19, during my university years, I chanced upon a poster advertising a course on The Dead Sea Scrolls. Intriguingly, the poster mentioned learning to read these scrolls in Aramaic - a proposition I found irresistibly exciting despite my unfamiliarity with the subject. I enrolled in the course, and the knowledge I gained was just what I needed during that particular juncture of my life.

My journey took a fascinating turn when I moved to Cairo, Egypt, to pursue my PhD. Here, I became deeply engrossed in the Arabic language. The Middle East became my home for 9 transformative years, an experience akin to a profound birthing process. During this time, I was fortunate enough to meet one of my most influential mentors, Barbakan.

My mentor guided me towards mastery of the Frame Drum, and deeper into the realms of the Hebrew and Aramaic languages. He introduced me to the practices of Essene Healing and Sophianic Kabbalah. Although language barriers existed - he didn't speak English or Spanish, my native tongues - I found that my heart resonated with his teachings, understanding every profound lesson he imparted. This journey, marked by beautiful encounters and profound learning, shaped my spiritual and intellectual pursuits in ways I could have never imagined.

With a PhD in Dance Movement Therapy and a background in dance and yoga, I've woven the teachings and insights I've received into a tapestry of fluid movement. I am certain that guidance from the divine, specifically Magdalene and Hathor, has been instrumental in this process.

After two years of studying with Barbakan, I experienced my first apparition of Mary Magdalene. This profound encounter led me to the Shekhinah, the embodiment of the Divine Feminine Presence. In the comforting embrace of the Holy Spirit, of Shekhinah, I began to recollect my divine purpose.

Now, I am here to assist you on your own journey of awakening. Through the power of your voice, your unique sound, drumming, sound vibration, and movement, you can experience profound transformation. It is my mission to guide you in embodying the richness of the Hebrew and Aramaic languages, providing a profound path for your spiritual and personal growth.

The Holy Pulse

Embark on a Healing Journey towards wholeness through the Power of your Voice.

Become a Holy Songstress and Voice Healer - Priestess through the Awakening of your Soul Signature Sound.

Begin a Intuitive Healing Practice more in tune with your own rhythm, the cycles of the Earth and the Cosmic Intelligence, and awaken the Power of your Voice.

Learn the Healing properties and Spiritual Activations of Aramaic and Hebrew and apply these to your life.

Incorporate Sacred Dance, Chanting and Movement Practices in your Daily Routine and start to live a consecrated life.

Learn how to birth all of your creations through the Sacred Sound of your Voice.

In the Holy Pulse 1-1 Mentorship I will curate a specific practice for you so you may take this technology into your life and experience a daily consecrated ritual. Your Voice is waiting for you! You are a Songstress!

What is included in this Mentorship:

– Fortnightly sessions with Ana for 4 months, all sessions are online via Zoom. These sessions are recorded and you have infinite access to them.

One 90 minute Sacred Sound Opening Ceremony with Ana Otero. In this Ceremony Ana will also facilitate an intuitive reading and a Sound Healing in Light Language. The last 30 minutes of the Session will be focused on your needs and we will anchor them with an Intention Ritual.

7 x 1:1 Sacred Voice Mentorship sessions with Ana. In these ceremonial journeys, you will immerse yourself in the transformative practices of the Path of the Sacred Voice and your Soul´s signature sound and obtain curated guidance for your distinct projects. Every session is specially crafted for you, serving as a rite of empowerment and healing.(90 min)– Bonus guided journeys, practices and material to anchor your transformation.

In this 1-1 mentorship there will also be videos of The Desert Rose Bee Sound Practices and Meditations included. A curated daily practice and suggested guided rituals and sacred songs that will strengthen, empower and help you develop and heal your voice.

I will guide you into learning how to channel your own sound - music through the use of Aramaic and Light Language and through specific Sound Frequencies.

After I facilitate a personalized Energy Reading, you will be given a curated practice that will help you open up to your Sacred Sound and the Sound Frequencies and Music that are wanting to be birthed through you.

I will guide you in creating your own Song - Chant - Sound Frequency.


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