Rosa Mystica Altar Card and Transmission

Sacred Art for a Consecrated Life

Ahava and Blessings

The rose is a symbol of love, beauty, and perfection that has been used throughout time and in various cultures. It has been used to represent various things, from the Virgin Mary to the goddess Venus in Greek mythology.

Rosa Mystica is a term used in Gnosticism that refers to the Divine Feminine. It is often associated with the concept of Sophia, a female figure who is believed to be the embodiment of divine wisdom. In some Gnostic teachings, Rosa Mystica is seen as a symbol of the soul's journey from darkness to light. In other Gnostic traditions, it is viewed as an expression of the divine feminine and is thought to represent the union of the spiritual and physical realms. In some Gnostic texts, Rosa Mystica is used to refer to the Virgin Mary, who is seen as a powerful symbol of spiritual transformation.

The Rosa Mystica is an important Marian devotion in the Catholic Church. It is named after Mary, the mother of Yeshua, who is often referred to as the Mystical Rose.

The path of Rosa Mystica is a contemplative journey of the heart and a way of being in the world that is both contemplative and active. It calls us to open our hearts to the mystery of the divine, to deepen our relationship with Alaha, and to live out the call to love and justice in our lives.

This Altar card is an activation within itself, specially when the Rosa Mystica ritual is practiced. It's a beautiful ceremony that brings together the energies of the Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine.

The Rosa Mystica Altar Card Activates the 7 Rays of Mother Mary within us and in our lives. This Rosa Mystica Sacred Art will allow you to journey deep within your heart, awakening the Divine Feminine Presence within you, allowing the Soul to be merged with the essence of the Rose and in Holy Communion with Alaha (Divine Mother Father).

The Cosmic Rose will be activated within your Heart.

I am so happy to be sharing this Altar Card with you. This Altar Card is part of the Desert Rose Oracle Deck that was created in 2022, a powerful Divine Feminine - Cosmic Womb Year. These cards bring in the teachings of The Desert Rose and were co-created with the Artist Gabriel Icka. Each card holds deep activations and transmissions that you will receive just by looking at them and meditating on the Art Work.

When you purchase The Rosa Mystica Altar Card, you will receive:

A High Resolution A4 Altar Card for you to Download.

Information about the card and instructions on how to create your Rosa Mystica Altar.

You will receive a video in which I talk about the 7 Rays of Mother Mary and a transmission to awaken the 7 rays within you.

Celestial Movement Mantric Meditation in Aramaic.

Audio Transmission of Channeled Message through the Rosa Mystica

Gabriel and I are so happy to share this SACRED ART FOR A CONSECRATED LIFE.


Ana Otero

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Gabriel Icka M.
Gabriel Icka M.

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