Magdalene Womb Yoga

Magdalene Womb Yoga is not merely a practice; it is a ceremony of awakening. This practice activates and re-awakens the six 'Magdalene Wombs' within you: the Physical Womb, the Energetic Womb, the Holy Flame of the Serpent Womb, the Womb of Divine Union, the Dragon Womb, and the Cosmic Womb. Together, these six wombs form a flower of six petals, reminiscent of the ancient Hebrew symbol.

In Magdalene Womb Yoga, you do not just learn a new form of yoga; you experience a transformative awakening, a divine dance between physicality and spirituality, human and celestial, the personal and the cosmic. Join us on this mystical journey, and discover your own potential for profound connection, resonance, and transcendence.

Magdalene Womb Yoga: The Garden of Eden

In our Magdalene Womb Yoga Session, we will awaken the inner Garden of Eden, known as Odana Baruka in Aramaic, as part of the Womb of Divine Union teachings. This is a very special session, as I will be introducing an Essene Mudra Practice to expand the Heart Center, a practice that I have included in the upgraded training of Magdalene Womb Yoga. 

The Garden of Eden exists as a dimension in the Celestial Realm, and in line with the principle of "as above, so below", it also resides within us. Imagine truly reconnecting with the core of your being, where your lives are guided by Divine Union. 

During this session, we will awaken the energies of a Mystical Inner Wedding Feast, healing any deep-seated heart trauma or sorrow. To truly harness the Light Codes of the Garden of Eden, our hearts need to be receptive and open.

Magdalene Womb Yoga has been, is, my daily practice for the last 11 years, along with my MM Priestess Meditations. I am grateful to have given myself the space of 13 months to upgrade this practice which I feel is the Yoga of the New Frequency.

What you will experience...

Magdalene Womb Yoga Sequence that purify, activate and channel our Creative Sexual Energy (serpent energy).

Essene Mudra Practice to activate the Elementals Template in the Heart. This is a beautiful Essene practice that I am extremely happy to introduce into Magdalene Womb Yoga.

Desert Rose Breath Meditatiom* (New to Magdalene Womb Yoga)

Celestial Movement Meditation to enter into the Dimension of the Garden of Eden.

Magdalene Womb Rite for the Womb of Divine Union.

Alaha Shela Practice: Essene Yoga Meditation with the Aramaic- Hebrew Word Ahava (Love in Service and Action) אהבה

Chanting Experience: Ancient Hebrew Mantra for Healing (We always use our voices and incorporate Sacred Sound Practices in Magdalene Womb Yoga.)

*Dress with comfortable clothes for this Magdalene Womb Yoga Session.

*This session is suitable for everyone.

Magdalene Womb Yoga: Garden of Eden

We will gather on Sunday, August 20th, at 15,00 CET.
If you cannot join us in real time the recording will be available for replay.
Infinite access to the Magdalene Womb Yoga Session.
Consecrated Life

As we come together to honor the Shekhinah, the Divine Feminine Presence, we are gifted the experience of living a consecrated life. Our duality is taken into unity and we experience the Divine Union which is our innate essence and presence.


Aramaic Chanting, Light Language, Drumming, Celestial Movement Meditations, Sacred Dance, Ritual. Experience the embodiment of the Divine Feminine Presence, the SHEKHINAH.


Be part of a Magdalene Desert Rose Community! The Magdalene Shabbat is a great experience to meet like minded people and as we come together in Community, our individual purpose expands as we are held and supported in this magical container.

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Mary Magdalene Says

Life is full of both meaning and hope. Reality lies within the heart and illusion is created in the mind.

When you trust yourself enough to open your mind to all that already exists within you, you shall find yourself living the expanded reality of Infinity.

Channeled by Ana Otero

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