Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is the Holy Source from where the Christ drinks, She is the Force of Light that births enlightenment. She is the Holy Woman who anoints, the one who illuminates, the one who redeems. She is the Feminine Christ of our paradisaical origin. Her Chrism (anointing oil), which is her elixir of love, is the light that awakens Humanity´s fallen Consciousness. She is the womb of the Christos, the Womb of the Divine, and when we reclaim her she leads us to the Primordial Wisdom of all times.

Ana Otero

Mary Magdalene has lived at the roots of the Divine Feminine Principle and made her way to the core of our planet. She is activating the Tree of Life Template in our bodies so that when we awaken, we remember every part of where we come from. Mary Magdalene is leading the change we are experiencing in this world. She completes the "bottom" part of "as above, so below". She embraces all the shadows that we cast and deny. She teaches us ACCEPTANCE in who we are and what we have chosen. She teaches us that the shadows we have denied contain our magic.

She was a wife, partner, and co-teacher with Yeshua. As a co-teacher with Yeshua, they both taught the Way of Sacred Humanity and Ascension. She taught us that we are the Body – Temple and that we must learn how to receive THE HOLY. We are time and space, essence, matter, spirit and the art of creation. She is here to bring us back to ONENESS. In and through HER presence, we are taken into the Bridal Chamber to become Christed. 

Mary Magdalene is a doorway to the rebirthing of the soul of humanity and the memory of our sacred roots in the Mother of Creation. Through holy communion with Mary Magdalene, we enter this portal within ourselves where we activate, initiate and awaken our own Magdalene essence. She prepares us and opens us to receive the Holy Spirit. This creative Spirit lives at the base of our universe, as the eternal matrix of the birth of the Mother-Father, and encompasses both man and woman, each intermediate spectrum and all expressions of life. 

Conversations with Mary Magdalene by Ana Otero

Below you may read the course curriculum of this 1 year training in Priest-ess of Mary Magdalene.


Mary Magdalene Priestess and Priest Training

Teachings of the Desert Rose

Magdalene Shabbat Teachings

Mary Magdalene as a Hebrew woman honored Shabbat as the most sacred ceremony of the week. We will embody Mary Magdalene’s sacred teachings and consciousness into the traditional Shabbat rituals, emphasizing a mystical and deeply spiritual approach to this weekly observance.

The Importance of Shabbat in Mary Magdalene's Life:

Understanding the central role of Shabbat in the life of Mary Magdalene as a Hebrew woman.

Exploring the historical and cultural significance of Shabbat in her time.

Sacred Ancestral Shabbat Teachings:

Learning about traditional Shabbat rituals enriched with mystical interpretations and practices.

Examining how these ancient teachings align with Mary Magdalene’s spiritual perspective.

Mary Magdalene’s Sacred and Secret Teachings:

Delving into the lesser-known spiritual teachings and insights of Mary Magdalene.

Understanding the depth and wisdom of her ministry and its implications for Shabbat practices.

Venus and Black Madonna Lineages:

Investigating the connections between Mary Magdalene, the Venus lineage, and the Black Madonna.

Understanding the influence of these lineages on the development of Shabbat ceremonies.

Prayers, Invocations, and Shabbat Chants:

Learning specific prayers, invocations, and chants in Aramaic and Biblical Hebrew for Shabbat.

Practicing these elements to enhance the spiritual depth of Shabbat observance.

Embodying the Divine Feminine Presence in Shabbat:

Integrating the Divine Feminine, as represented by Mary Magdalene, into the Shabbat experience.

Exploring the Holy Wedding Feast of Divine Union as a theme in Shabbat ceremonies.

Activation of the New Israel and Shekinah:

Engaging in practices that embody the Shekinah (Holy Spirit - The Divine Feminine Presence) and activate the spiritual Dimension of the New Israel.

Understanding the role of Mary Magdalene as the embodiment of Shekinah in the context of Shabbat.

Mystical and Moon Cycle Teachings:

Studying the Aramaic teachings related to lunar cycles and their relevance to Shabbat observance.

Incorporating these teachings into the rhythm of Magdalene Shabbat ceremonies.

Facilitating Magdalene Shabbats:

Training on how to lead Magdalene Shabbat ceremonies, incorporating Mary Magdalene’s teachings and consciousness.

Emphasizing a non-dogmatic, mystical approach to devotion and ceremony.

Aramaic Creation Spirituality

Embodiment of Aramaic through Spiritual Practices: Engaging with the Aramaic language through diverse spiritual practices including prayer, meditation, and chanting.

Introduction to Alaha Shela (God-in-self) practices, fostering a deeper connection with the divine essence.

Aramaic as a Technology of Creation: Exploring the concept of Aramaic as a 'Light Language' and its role in the Technology of Creation.

Understanding how Aramaic transcends duality, promoting unity and harmony.

Understanding Aramaic Lunar Cycles:

Delving into the Aramaic calendar and its lunar cycles.

Connecting these cycles with Cosmic Intelligence, aligning spiritual practice with celestial rhythms.

Aramaic Light Body Activations: Learning techniques for Light Body activation using Aramaic mantras and vibrations.

Experiencing the transformational energy of Aramaic for personal and spiritual growth.

Historical Context and Legacy:

Examining the historical significance of Aramaic as the language of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

Exploring the spiritual legacy and teachings of the early Christ Community through the lens of Aramaic.

Integrating Aramaic into Personal Practice: Personal reflections and experiences with incorporating Aramaic into spiritual practices.

Guidance on applying Aramaic teachings for healing, empowerment, and spiritual awakening.

Magdalene Myrraphores: Training in the Healing Arts of Biblical Sacred Oils

Historical and Spiritual Foundations:

Understanding the Myrraphore tradition and its origins in ancient Egypt.

Exploring the spiritual and ritualistic connections between celestial bodies, Earth cycles, and essential oils.

Study of Biblical Oils:

In-depth learning about various Biblical essential oils, covering their mystical, esoteric, and physical properties and benefits.

Examination of historical contexts and biblical references to these oils.

Sacred Sound and Activation Codes:

Techniques for activating the oils using sacred sounds and codes, enhancing their healing properties.

Practical sessions on sound-based activation methods for each oil.

Desert Rose Ceremony for Each Oil:

Learning and practicing the Desert Rose Ceremony, a specific ritual associated with each oil.

Understanding the ceremonial significance and the process of integrating these rituals with oil application.

Healing Modalities with Biblical Essential Oils:

Training in the application of Biblical essential oils for healing purposes.

Guidance on therapeutic techniques and best practices in oil usage.

Accreditation and Case Studies:

Opportunity to receive accreditation for using Biblical Essential Oils as a Healing Modality.

Completion of specific case studies involving the practical application and effects of the Biblical oils.

Evaluation and feedback sessions on case study outcomes.

Alaha Shela Teachings

Alaha Shela Body Technology and Prayer:

In-depth study and practice of body techniques aligned with Alaha Shela principles.

Integration of specific prayers and meditations to enhance the embodiment process.

Aramaic Letters in Spiritual Practice:

Exploration of the spiritual significance of Aramaic letters.

Practical sessions on incorporating these letters into personal spiritual practices.

Ahava Sacred Dance®:

Engagement in Ahava Sacred Dance®, a unique form of movement meditation.

Understanding the role of dance in expressing and experiencing spiritual energies.

Art and Creativity in Spirituality:

Workshops on using art as a medium for spiritual exploration and expression.

Encouraging creativity as a pathway to connect with the divine.

Magdalene Alaha Shela Lunar Ceremonies:

Monthly ceremonies aligning with the lunar cycles, following the Magdalene Alaha Shela tradition.

Celestial Movement Meditations:

Learning meditative practices that incorporate celestial movements and rhythms.

Techniques for syncing meditation with cosmic energies for deeper spiritual experiences.

Desert Rose Frame Drum Practice:

Instruction in the traditional use of the frame drum, with a focus on the Desert Rose style.

Utilizing drumming as a tool for meditation, healing, and spiritual connection.

Exclusive Access to Practices and Meditations

This program offers exclusive access to specific meditations and practices that are unique to our school, providing a distinctive learning experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

Ahava Sacred Dance

Ahava Sacred Dance® is a transcendental experience that marries the ancient wisdom of the Aramaic Letters with the holistic principles of Sacred Dance. Created with the deepest reverence and prayer by Ana Otero, this unique dance practice is an embodiment of love, intention, and devotion.

At its core, Ahava Sacred Dance is about connection — to oneself, to others, and to the Cosmic Intelligence. Drawing inspiration from the quantum energy of the Aramaic Letters, each movement becomes a conduit for channeling divine energy. The letters themselves, sacred and full of creation , resonate with frequencies that have the potential to shift, heal, and transform.​

When practiced within a community, in the sanctified space of a circle, the dance takes on a deep significance. Participants become part of a dynamic mandala, a living representation of the heavenly realm. As they dance, they anchor the ethereal Light Codes into the Earth, bringing together light, spirit, and matter.

​While Ahava Sacred Dance® can be a collective act of worship and activation, it can equally be a personal journey. As an individual practice, the dance becomes an intimate prayer, a moving meditation, and a manifestation of one's deepest intentions and devotions. Every step, every sway, every lift of the arms becomes a conversation with the divine.

​In Ahava Sacred Dance®, Ana Otero has not just created a dance; she has birthed a spiritual tool. It serves as a bridge between realms, a harmonization of body and spirit, and a testament to the power of intentional movement. Whether danced in solitude or in communion with others, Ahava Sacred Dance® invites practitioners to a higher plane of consciousness, to a space where every movement is a sacred act of love.

Spiral of the Rosa Mystica

The rose is one of the oldest symbols of Divine Wisdom, the Holy Spirit, radiating love to our world from the invisible ground of the cosmos. ​ In the Christian tradition, the rose was associated with the Virgin Mary and, in the gnostic and alchemical tradition, with Sophia, Divine Wisdom and the Holy Spirit. As an initiatory path, the Sacred Way of the Rose symbolizes the hidden feminine Wisdom Tradition and the Way of the Heart. The rose represents love, creation, fertility, wisdom, beauty, and also mystery.​ The Spiral of the Mystical Rose is a journey in the Mystical Wheel of Mary Magdalene. Through the Spiral of the Rosa Mystica we receive Mary Magdalene as Queen of Shabbat, embodiment of the Holy Spirit. We awaken the mystical qualities of the Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether to synchronize our energies, life, healing and practices with Mary Magdalene and the Light Beings and Angels that are part of her Lineage. We will work deeply with The Light Conception School through Hathor - Venus - Sarai the Matriarch - Mother Anna - Mother Mary - Mary Magdalene and Sarah Tamar. Yeshua is extremely present in our teachings and the Lunar Masculine through Yohanan the Baptizer and Lazarus.

Magdalene Alaha Shela Ceremonies are specific Magdalene Ceremonies that are aligned to different portals within the Spiral of the Rosa Mystica.

Gates of Initiation.

In the time of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene the New Moon was celebrated with reverence and Devotion. Every New Moon we receive the Christ teachings and Aramaic Alignment connected to the Lunar month through our Alaha Shela Ceremony.

Venus Gates through the study of Shekhinah and the awakening of the Tree of Life Template.

The Aramaic Magdalene Rosary

Understanding the Aramaic Magdalene Rosary:

Detailed study of the Magdalene Rosary, its origins, and its significance in a spiritual context.

Exploration of the Aramaic language's nuances as used in the Rosary.

Daily Mysteries and Shekhinah's Holy Fire:

Learning the specific mysteries associated with each day of the week in the Rosary.

Understanding and practicing the activations of the Holy Fire of Shekhinah within these daily mysteries.

Integration of Channelings and Sophianic Kabbalistic Wisdom:

Insight into the channelings received from Mary Magdalene that influenced the creation of the Rosary.

Incorporating Sophianic Kabbalistic teachings and their relevance to the mysteries of the Rosary (The 13 Petalled Rose).

Facilitating Magdalene Rosary Circles:

Training in how to effectively facilitate a Magdalene Rosary Circle.

Developing skills in leading groups, creating a sacred space, and guiding participants through the Rosary practice.

Practical Applications and Community Building:

Practical sessions for applying the teachings of the Rosary in various settings.

Techniques for building and nurturing a community around the practice of the Magdalene Rosary.

The Spiritual Teachings of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua in the Code of Sacred Humanity and the New Temple of Jerusalem.

The Sacred Sacraments of Mary Magdalene.

Cosmology from Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

Shemaya Consciousness and Ar'a Consciousness.

The different stages in the Ministry of Mary Magdalene.

The Serpent, Dove and Dragon Energy

The Way of the Heart of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

Holy Spirit - Shekinah - The Awakening of the New Earth through the Abwoon D'bashmaya.

The Light Beings of the Spiral of the Mystical Rose: Mother Anna, Yeshua, Mother Mary, Sarah Tamar, Yeshua David, John the Baptist, Joseph of Arimathea and many more.

The 7 Demons and the Inner Voices of the Human Being.

Humanology according to Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

The Path of the Black Madonna.

Teachings on the School of Immaculate Conception

The 7 Chambers of Light of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

Gnosticism and Mysticism

The Gnostic Gospels:

Study of specific Gnostic Gospels, including texts from the Nag Hammadi library.

Biblical Translations and Interpretations:

Examining the Bible with a focus on translations from the original Aramaic.

Understanding how translation choices can impact the interpretation of scripture.

The Essenes, Egyptian, and Hebrew Mystery Schools:

Exploring the teachings and practices of the Essenes.

Studying the influences of Egyptian and Hebrew Mystery Schools on Gnostic thought.

The Book of Creation :

Delving into the 'Book of Creation' (Sefer Yetzirah) and its implications for mysticism.

The Mantle of the Bride and Wisdom Traditions:

'Mantle of the Bride' transmissions and teachings.

Exploring Chochma (Wisdom) traditions and their place in Gnostic belief.

The Desert Rose

Embodiment of the Desert Rose, Mystery Schools of the Divine Feminine Presence.

Hieros Gamos: The Sacred Marriage:

Studying the concept of Hieros Gamos or Sacred Marriage, especially as it relates to Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

Exploring the idea of Sacred Union and Divine Union in Gnostic context.

Sacred Relationships and Devotional Practices:

The Path of Devotion through Relationships.

Relating with the Cosmic Intelligence.

The Bridal Chamber Mysteries and Divine Union Sacraments:

Unveiling the mysteries of the Bridal Chamber, as taught in the Gospel of Thomas.

Mystical Sexuality as Healing and Unification:

The Path of Creation through Unity and Light.

The Magdalene 6 Wombs

The Magdalene 6 Wombs:

Introduction to the Magdalene 6 Wombs, encompassing the holistic understanding of physical, energetic, and spiritual wombs.

Detailed exploration of each womb's role and significance in personal and spiritual development.

Individual Womb Studies:

The Physical Womb: Study of the physical womb's spiritual symbolism.

The Energetic Womb: Examination of the energetic dynamics and nurturing practices. The sacred space of co-creation.

The Serpent Womb of the Holy Flame: The transformative energy of the Kundalini - Serpent Energy

The Womb of Divine Union: Understanding this womb as a space of spiritual unity and connection. Yeshua and Maryam Holy Chamber Activation.

The Dragon Womb: Exploration of the womb of strength, wisdom, and spiritual power.

The Cosmic Womb: Connection with universal and cosmic energies of Imma Illah, Cosmic Mother.

Magdalene Womb Yoga Practices:

Practice of specific yoga techniques tailored to activate and nurture each of the six wombs.

Methods for aligning physical health and spiritual well-being.

Desert Rose Womb Healing Practitioner Certification:

Comprehensive training leading to certification as a Desert Rose Womb Healing Practitioner.

Emphasis on acquiring practical skills and knowledge for effective womb healing and awakening.

Requirement to complete specific case studies to receive an accredited certification, ensuring proficiency and understanding of the practices.

Upon successful completion of the module and case studies, participants will receive an accredited certification as a Desert Rose Womb Healing Practitioner.

Temple of the Maryams

Magdalene - Christ Rosa Mystica Healing: Light Healing Techniques with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

Temple of Light of the Maryams, the Priestesses of Light. Activation of the Light Conception.

The Sound of Light as the Art of Manifestation. Activation of the Soul Voice.

Devotional Arts

The Desert Rose Frame Drum Instruction infused with the Drum Rhythms of the Desert Rose and the Vibration of the Bee

Ahava Sacred Dance® and Alaha Shela Practices

Chanting, Prayer, Ritual and Ceremony

Celestial Communications

Light Language (Aramaic, Biblical Hebrew, Pleiadese, Lemuria, Essene Toning)

Optional Live Magdalene Retreat for Priestesses and Priests.

There will be an optional In Person Magdalene Retreat for Priestesses and Priests of the Magdalene in Glastonbury Avalon. The price of the retreat is separate from the training and we keep the the price as something symbolic and extremely accessible so that all can participate.

The Training Is For...

If you feel the calling to embody the teachings of the Christ Lineage and become an Priestess - Priest of the Feminine Christ Mary Magdalene and a Wisdom holder for the Teachings of the Desert Rose, this training is for you.

Our Equality Policy

AT the Desert Rose Mystery School we are committed to Racial and Gender inclusivity in our courses, programs and trainings, as every person can come to know the path of the Magdalene Christ and experience Creation Spirituality. Any person may apply to take part in a Temple Training regardless of Race, Ethnicity, Gender Identity, Reassigment and/or Sexual Orientation. Our teachings reflect this vision for Humanity, our School, and future Priestesses and Priests.

This Path is very linked to the word AHAVA. Ahava means love in service, love in action. When we become an a Magdalene Priest - Priestess, we become a vessel of Light that is ready to spread the teachings of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.​

As we step into the realm of divine love, all of our relationships deepen because they are infused with the experiences of treasuring, devotion and reverence. We realize and live the truth that we are both human and divine, perfect and imperfect all the same. We see that our humanness brings us to our divinity and our divinity embraces our humanity.

Walking the sacred path of love, day in and day out, invites us into divine union of body, soul, and spirit, a place where we are driven wild with pleasure and the flames of love burn so hot that they melt away anything that obscures our oneness with love.

In this ecstasy, separation dissolves. All that remains is Bliss and we become again the Vessels that hold the Divine Name.

2024 Group

I have been teaching this training since 2012 and I am so happy to guide this New Group Starting in 2024.

This is an online accredited training with an optional in person retreat.

How is the Training Structured:

There are 2 live Online Sessions a month, and every other month the Ahava Sacred Dance and Drummin Live Sessions, so some months there are 3.

Every month you will receive the Magdalene Alaha Shela Practice of the Cycle we are working with which includes: Sacred Body Technology, Celestial Movement Meditation, Myrraphore Anointing Oil, Aramaic Mantra and Ritual and Prayer.

There is also part of the training that is self study and I will be guiding you through videos, ebooks, audios and plenty of support material.

There is a private facebook group for your to bond with the other Magdalenes in the training and for you to share your reflections with the group.

We start in January. The Temple Doors will be open for those wishing to join until May 1st.

To register, please fill out the following form and then you may procede to the payment.

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Online Platform

Live Classes and all material (Videos, Ebooks, PDfs, etc.) are uploaded to the Online Student Portal. The student Portal is easy to use and is very organised.

Classes, Teachings and Community

Live teachings and Self - Paced learning material.

Private Telegram group so you can bond with your fellow Magdalenes.


Upon Completion of the Mary Magdalene Priest-ess Training you will be ordained as a Magdalene Priest-ess and receive Accredited Certification.

The Mary Magdalene Priest-ess Training is an ACCREDITED TRAINING.


Creation is not an event but an endless symphony, a divine dance of energies weaving the tapestry of existence. In every breath, every thought, every beat of the heart, Creation is creating infinitely, echoing the limitless potential of the cosmos within us.

We are Infinity

Our souls are stardust, the echoes of cosmic songs sung across the ages. They are not confined by space and time, but stretch into infinity, carrying within them the wisdom of the ages and the promise of tomorrow. Every soul is an endless voyage, an infinite journey through the cosmos of consciousness.

Cosmic Intelligence

We are one with absolutely everything that exists. When we learn to cycle with and embody the Cosmic Intelligence, we understand that the universe can never conspire against us as we are one in co-creation with ALL.

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All Courses, Workshops, and Training Programs are non-refundable at The Desert Rose Mystery School.

Our bodies are the chalices of the Genesis. We are more than flesh and bone - we are the living, breathing psalms of the stars, inscribed in the sacred language of existence.
Ana Otero

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  The Aramaic Magdalene Rosary
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  Gnostic and Mystical Teachings and Magdalene Ministry
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  The Desert Rose Womb Awakening Practitioner Training
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