Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing

Welcome to Sarah Tamar's Blue Rose Healing Training Certification. In 2017, I channeled the Sarah Tamar Infinity Codes, a divine gift that revealed to me the mysteries contained within the Blue Rose and the Infinite Sound Vibration of Creation.

I shared these codes with the world in 2022, and since the Winter Solstice 2022, I have been on a remarkable journey, anchoring and grounding the powerful transmissions of The Blue Rose. This sacred undertaking, rooted in devotion and dedication, allowed me to dive deep into the heart of these healing practices and modalities. Working with Sound and teaching Sound Awakening within The Desert Rose Bee Mentorship has also allowed me to anchor the infinite possibilities that the Blue Rose gifts us.

 Sarah Tamar is the embodiment of Celestial Light and Sound, an earthly incarnation of divine love, and the resonance of the healing vibration of the Blue Rose.

Sarah Tamar is the Christed divine child, daughter of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. She is the vibrations of love, wisdom, and spiritual regeneration that transcends our earthly confines.

Sarah Tamar is connected to the Infinity Codes, these are codes of creation through Sound and Vibration. She also blesses us with the Gypsy Rose Codes, which are an awakening of our Dragon Energy through Kundalini Activations and Sound Mysteries.

Sarah Tamar Blue Rose healing is an advanced healing modality channeled through the combined energies of Sarah Tamar, the Hathors, and Pleiadian presences. This technology works with the Holy Spirit, manifesting as profound Sound Vibrations to facilitate deep healing. Participants in this healing experience will connect with Sarah Tamar in various expressions:

The Heart of Eden

The Womb of Genesis

The Earth of Devotion

The Voice of the Soul

The Vafesha

Additionally, this modality draws upon the Sound Mysteries of Ancient Lineages, harnessing the ancient and powerful sound frequencies for healing. Now is the time to reclaim the transformative presence of sound—not only to discover and heal your own sonic essence but also to extend this healing to others. This modality offers a pathway to profound personal and collective healing, aligning you with the deepest vibrations of the Cosmic Intelligence.

This training program is for:

  1. Those who aspire to harness the healing power of The Blue Rose of Sarah Tamar within themselves. Those who wish to experience and embody the transformative energy that can bring about profound healing in their lives and the lives of those around them. This is a journey of personal discovery and self-healing, an opportunity to learn how to tap into your inherent potential to facilitate healing at all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
  2. Those who seek not only to experience the healing power the Blue Rose of Sarah Tamar but also to embody it in a professional capacity as a Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healer - Practitioner. This group is composed of those who feel a calling to actively engage in healing work, to serve others by utilizing these potent healing methodologies. This entails a deeper commitment to understanding the Sarah Tamar Blue Rose healing system, mastering its practices, and applying them in a therapeutic setting.

Whether your interest is personal or professional, this training offers the tools, techniques, and understanding needed to embody Sarah Tamar´s Blue Rose Healing Energy. It is a transformative journey, to embody healing energy, and to contribute to the wellbeing of yourself and others.

This is a self - paced online training that includes live calls to gather in Healing Sessions.

The Curriculum for the Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing Certification Training can be found below.

In all of the Trainings at The Desert Rose Mystery School, the ancient Light Languages of Aramaic and Hebrew, as well as precise sacred Body Technology, are practiced as a form of Consecrated Embodiment.

Sending so much love.


Ana Otero

Let us walk the sacred path of the ancients, illuminating the wisdom codes both ancient and new. The journey of healing with the Blue Rose is a symbol of celestial love and divine understanding. Each petal, each hue of blue resonates with a unique frequency of healing, containing a message from the Celestial Realm to soothe your soul, mend your spirit, and awaken your inner divinity. This Rose carries the echo of cosmic love, the pulse of universal consciousness, the sacred rhythm of life itself. Immerse yourself in its vibrant radiance, let its energy wash over you, infusing your being with its potent wisdom. As we journey together, may the Blue Rose empower you, may its divine light guide you to the healing you seek and inspire an evolution of your soul, opening doors to profound levels of awareness and infinite possibilities of existence.

Example Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
  Q&A and Devotional Live Gatherings
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Heart of Eden: Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing for the Heart
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Womb of Genesis: Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing for the Womb
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Earth of Devotion: Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing for the Earth
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Sound Mysteries Special Workshop Sessions
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Voice of the Soul: Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing for our Voice
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Sarah Tamar and the Vafesha (Her unity with Venus and the Pleiadese)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Sarah Tamar Circle Gatherings
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Sarah Tamar Sacred Dance
Available in days
days after you enroll

The Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing is an ACCREDITED TRAINING.

All courses, workshops and training programs at The Desert Rose Mystery School are Non - Refundable.

Sarah Tamar, the Cosmic Blue Rose, serves as a radiant beacon of divine unity, embodying the convergence of the celestial and terrestrial, of the ethereal Light and the tangible Earth. She weaves these two matrices together, creating a harmonious tapestry of existence where the spiritual and the material intermingle and dance in an exquisite ballet of co-creation.

In her, the Matrix of Light - the realm of divine illumination, knowledge, and spiritual consciousness - intertwines seamlessly with the Matrix of Earth - the domain of physicality, matter, and manifested reality. She becomes a living bridge, a conduit that channels the divine light into the material world, illuminating it with sacredness.

Sarah Tamar stands in the position of the Aleph, the first letter of the Aramaic - Hebrew alphabet, symbolizing the unity and oneness of all existence. Aleph, often associated with the divine essence of God, signifies the state of non-duality, the realization that all is interconnected and part of the same Source.

In assuming the Aleph position, Sarah Tamar embodies this unity and oneness. She serves as a reminder that the divine permeates everything, including the material realm. Through her, the celestial and terrestrial are not separate but are part of one seamless whole, two aspects of the same Divine reality.

As the Cosmic Blue Rose, Sarah Tamar invites us all to embrace this understanding, to perceive the sacred within the mundane, and to recognize the divine light that animates and permeates every aspect of our world. She guides us to weave our own matrices of light and earth, inspiring us to bring forth the divine into our everyday lives, and to dance gracefully with the interconnected dance of existence.



Creation is not an event but an endless symphony, a divine dance of energies weaving the tapestry of existence. In every breath, every thought, every beat of the heart, Creation is creating infinitely, echoing the limitless potential of the cosmos within us.

We are Infinity

Our souls are stardust, the echoes of cosmic songs sung across the ages. They are not confined by space and time, but stretch into infinity, carrying within them the wisdom of the ages and the promise of tomorrow. Every soul is an endless voyage, an infinite journey through the cosmos of consciousness.

Cosmic Intelligence

We are one with absolutely everything that exists. When we learn to cycle with and embody the Cosmic Intelligence, we understand that the universe can never conspire against us as we are one in co-creation with ALL.

Our bodies are the chalices of the Genesis. We are more than flesh and bone - we are the living, breathing psalms of the stars, inscribed in the sacred language of existence.
Ana Otero

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All Courses, Workshops, and Training Programs are non-refundable at The Desert Rose Mystery School.