The Bridal Chamber

The Path to Inner Sacred Union

Ahava and Blessings

Welcome to the Bridal Chamber Online Course for Men and Women of all Faiths and Beliefs.

The path of the Feminine Christ restores the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine both in union to give birth to the Divine Child, created from a holistic template of unity.

The Feminine Christ is here, as prophesied, to unite in Sacred Marriage the Divine Love of the spirit, with the sensual and primordial Love of the incarnated kingdom of matter. She reminds us that the highest and deepest sacrament is love and brings medicine for the healing of our wounds of separation and suffering. In her Cosmic Womb, the Feminine Christ dissolves our wounds of man against woman, humanity against Mother Earth, darkness against light. The Feminine Christ reveals her bride's face so that we can remember who we really are and celebrate a world of life, renewal, communion, collaboration, unity and creativity.

She reminds us of our longing to belong, the longing to be one.

The Union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene leads us to the resurrection through love. When their union creates the template of the “Divine Son”, they create a new history of human consciousness and potential.

This sacred marriage of opposites is at the heart of the Mysteries of Christ, and takes place within the Bridal Chamber.

When we enter the Bridal Chamber, we are not measured by how enlightened we are or how perfect we are. We are called to live the question: How much can I open my heart to love?

The Bridal Chamber is a Hieros Gamos and this Sacred Union can be taken as the internal initiatory union as well as the initiatory union with the LOVER - the BELOVED.

The Bridal Chamber Online Course is a creation that came to me in January of 2020 through a strong channeling I received from Sarah Tamar. This Course is a great opportunity to receive the teaching of the Mysteries of the Bridal Chamber. These are very deep teachings from the Christ Mystery School that will open a doorway into your Sacred Inner Union, which willopen up the doorway of unity in all aspects of your life.

This Course will be available on December 5.


Ana Otero

Your Instructor

Ana Otero, PHD
Ana Otero, PHD

Ana Otero. CEO and Founder Mary Magdalene Mystery School® - Mary Magdalene Priestess Training - Sacred Feminine - Sacred Union - Movement Therapy - Yogic Scientist - Dancer - Writer - Lover of all Creative Expressions

Ana Otero is the Creator and Director of Mary Magdalene Mystery School®. Mary Magdalene Mystery School is a Temple of Art where we remember how to créate our world from the Sacred. We follow the the teachings of Mary Magdalene and her Sacred Lineage of the Spiral of the Rosa Mística. Mary Magdalene Mystery School Offers: Priestess of Mary Magdalene Trainings Level 1, 2 and 3. Sacred, Ritual and Therapeutic Dance. Sacred Drumming. Womb Therapies, Activations and Healings. Courses on Prosperity and Aquarian Leadership. Sacred Union for Men and Women. Mystical Arts (astrology, tarot, oracle, sacred essential oils, etc.). In all of the courses we follow and respect the teachings of the Spiral of the Rosa Mística, a method channeled by Ana Otero which helps us synchronize our energies and sacred experience here on Earth with the Cycles of Mother Nature, the Stars and the Planets. Ana Otero holds a PHD in Dance Movement Therapy and in all her trainings, Courses and Workshops there is powerful body work included. She has created a method to purify toxic programming, lineage wounds, karma, etc., through an advanced technology of Movement Meditations and Sacred Toning Channeled by Mary Magdalene. Join our Community and be a part of a great circle of Women and Men awakening in the Spiral of Love and the New Humanity. The Path of the Triple Golden Flame will awaken you to live from your Sacred Fire.


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