The Magdalene Pulse

In - Bodying the Magdalene

The Magdalene expresses a unique rhythm, a mystical vibration that reverberates through the silent language of creation and resonates in the symphony of our hearts. This rhythm, pulsating with divine love and wisdom, is an invitation to connect more deeply with our own innate divinity and the Cosmic Intelligence.

Let us attune to the Rhythm of the Magdalene, let us In - Body the Magdalene, and allow Her presence to harmonize our being. This is a rememberance and an awakening to the Divine Song that dwells within us.

Mary Magdalene has gifted us with a great legacy of teachings, both known and those awaiting rediscovery. She has woven sacred threads of wisdom, compassion, and unconditional love into our collective. As we unravel this spiritual legacy, we also weave ourselves into it, becoming part of the continuous rhythm of wisdom and transformation.

Now, as Kallah Messiah, the Feminine Christ, Mary Magdalene presents herself not only as a figure of the past, but a guiding light of the present and the future. Her prophecy, her promise of the second coming, is being fulfilled through us. Each of us carries a spark of the Magdalene, a fragment of the Magdalene's rhythm that we are being called to ignite and express in our lives.

Welcome to the Magdalene Pulse, a drumming and sacred voice journey to awaken and amplify our experience with Mary Magdalene.

The Magdalene Pulse is a sacred journey into the rhythm of the Magdalene, unlocking the melody of the heart, and become the living fulfillment of her prophecy.


Ana Otero

🌹✨ Magdalene Pulse Devotional Frame Drumming & Sacred Songs Course ✨🌹

Embark on a transformative musical journey with the essence of the Magdalene. In our upcoming 4-workshop series, immerse yourself in the rhythmic embrace of the Frame Drum and the sacred hymns of the Magdalene.

What's Inside?

  1. Frame Drum Mastery: Elevate your drumming skills with precise techniques, unlocking the profound power and sacredness of the Frame Drum.
  2. Sacred Songs of the Magdalene: Discover ancient melodies that resonate with the frequency and teachings of the Magdalene, transporting you to a world of devotion and connection. Embody the songs and sacred hymns of Mary Magdalene in Aramaic and Light Language.
  3. Voice & Womb Awakening: Strengthen the divine bond, the innate communion, between your voice and your womb, unleashing a harmonious flow of energy and creativity.
  4. Practice: After each lesson, indulge in a Frame Drum practice song and a daily chanting exercise, ensuring a deeper assimilation of each teaching.

Bonus Materials!

  • Homework Videos: For those who thrive on visual learning.
  • Comprehensive eBooks: Dive deep, read, and reflect at your own pace.

This course isn't just a learning experience; it's a soulful journey. Harmonize your spirit, drum, and voice, echoing the timeless teachings of the Magdalene.

Welcome to "The Magdalene Pulse", a four-workshop program designed to guide you in a rhythmically divine journey through the teachings of Mary Magdalene. Through intentional frame drumming, the awakening of our sacred voices, and the teachings of the Magdalene, we will experience an in - bodyment of divine wisdom and love.

Each workshop unfolds in a thoughtful, immersive sequence:

Introduction to Magdalene Teachings: We start each session by diving into a unique aspect of the Magdalene's teachings, setting the tone for the experiential learning to follow.

Ahava Worship Dance®: We awaken to the subtle energies that guide our sacred frame drum practice through this new powerful practice. These movements are influenced by the teachings of the Aramaic-Hebrew letters and the intentional prayer of Sacred Dance.

Sacred Frame Drum Practice: We then transition to our drum practice, communing mindfully with the drum's rhythm and its deep symbolism. Whether you are a beginner or have experience with the frame drum, you are welcome here.

Intentional Frame Drum Song: In each workshop, you will learn a new song for the frame drum - a melody set with intention, designed for self-mastery, a fundamental teaching of Mary Magdalene.

Voice and Drum Harmonization: We then combine voice and drum, aligning the melody and harmony of our souls with the rhythm of our incarnation.

Magdalene Womb Yoga Meditation and Chanting: Each workshop concludes with a Magdalene Womb Yoga Meditation, followed by a Bhakti chanting practice dedicated to Mary Magdalene.

The "Magdalene Pulse" program invites you into a profound rhythm, a pulse that resonates with the wisdom of the Magdalene. It is more than a workshop; it is an invitation to a transformative journey where sound, movement, rhythm, and divine teachings become your compass and guide.

The Magdalene Pulse Awaits you.

This program is tailored to:

  1. Drumming Aspirants: If you've been wanting to start an intentional frame drum practice, this is your gateway. Whether you are a novice or have some experience, this program is designed to accommodate all skill levels.
  2. Vocalists of the Soul: For those wishing to awaken and tune their voice to the rhythm of the soul, this course provides the perfect opportunity to weave your Soul Sound with the resonating beat of the drum. Reclaim your voice and be a channel for divine feminine wisdom & empowerment. Become a conduit for sacred sound.
  3. Seekers of Embodiment: If your heart yearns to embody the teachings of the Magdalene, this program opens your heart to receive her. Through drumming, song, movement, and prayer, we emulate the practices of the Essenes and the early Christ community, creating a harmonious bridge between ancient wisdom and modern practices.
  4. Creative Souls: For those who want to engage creatively with the Magdalene, to awaken and manifest your inner creations, this course provides the tools, guidance, and inspiration.

"The Magdalene Pulse" is more than a course. It is an immersive experience, a rhythmical journey guided by the teachings of the Magdalene. It is a portal to your soul's sound, rhythm, and innate creativity.

I welcome you to join us on this transformative journey.

Module 1: Walking in the Desert

Introduction to Mary Magdalene, the Qadeesha, the Holy Woman.

Ahava Sacred Dance® Qadeesha to embody the Aramaic Letters Mem (Water), Beit (Creation and Birth), and Tav (The Moon - Cyclicality).

Frame Drum Instruction. 

Sacred Voice Attunement.

Frame Drum and Voice Communion.

Magdalene Womb Yoga Venus Meditation to Expand the Heart.

Magdalene Bhakti

Module 2: Yerushalem

Mary Magdalene as the Activator of the Jerusalem Template.

Ahava Sacred Dance® to embody the Aramaic Letter Yod.

Frame Drum Instruction. 

Sacred Voice Attunement.

Frame Drum and Voice Communion.

Magdalene Womb Yoga Venus Meditation to Expand our Vision.

Magdalene Bhakti

Module 3: The Revelation

Mary Magdalene as the Revealer of our inner Mystery.

Ahava Sacred Dance® the Revelation

Frame Drum Instruction. 

Sacred Voice - Womb Attunement.

Frame Drum and Voice Communion.

Magdalene Womb Yoga Venus Meditation to Expand Womb Chakra.

Magdalene Bhakti

Module 4: The Song of the Magdalene

Mary Magdalene as The Soul Voice Awakener.

Ahava Sacred Dance® Amrita

Frame Drum Instruction. 

Sacred Voice - Womb Attunement.

Frame Drum and Voice Communion.

Magdalene Womb Yoga Venus Meditation to Expand our Sound

Magdalene Bhakti

All sessions incorporate Mystical Prayer Songs in Aramaic, Hebrew, and Light Language.

What is included

4 Live Sessions

2 hour live sessions taught over Zoom.

4 Recorded Practices

After each session, receive a recorded guided daily practice to embody these teachings.

Online Platform

Access to all replays with lifetime access.

Sacred Songs Ebook

Mystical Songs and Chants by Ana Otero. Be the first to receive this book that will go live on September 22nd. A Mystical guide to the Prayer Songs and Chants you will learn in Aramaic, Hebrew and Light Language.


Participants in the Magdalene Pulse who are interested in joining the Mary Magdalene Priest-ess Training in 2024 will be placed on an exclusive waiting list and you will be the first to receive information and to register.

Recorded Magdalene Womb Yoga Session to expand our Creativity.

Magdalene Pulse Live Workshop Session Dates

September 10th from 15,00 - 17,30 CET

September 30th from 15,00 - 17,30 CET

November 5th 15,00 - 17,30 CET

Last date to confirm from 15,00 - 17,30 CET


Welcome to the Magdalene Pulse

Drumming to Prophetess Myriam in Avalon

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Creation is not an event but an endless symphony, a divine dance of energies weaving the tapestry of existence. In every breath, every thought, every beat of the heart, Creation is creating infinitely, echoing the limitless potential of the cosmos within us.

We are Infinity

Our souls are stardust, the echoes of cosmic songs sung across the ages. They are not confined by space and time, but stretch into infinity, carrying within them the wisdom of the ages and the promise of tomorrow. Every soul is an endless voyage, an infinite journey through the cosmos of consciousness.

Cosmic Intelligence

We are one with absolutely everything that exists. When we learn to cycle with and embody the Cosmic Intelligence, we understand that the universe can never conspire against us as we are one in co-creation with ALL.

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Our bodies are the chalices of the Genesis. We are more than flesh and bone - we are the living, breathing psalms of the stars, inscribed in the sacred language of existence.
Ana Otero

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