Ahava Sacred Dance and Drumming Workshop

Nashak: The Holy Kiss

Ahava Sacred Dance® is a transcendental experience that marries the ancient wisdom of Desert Rose Teachings with the holistic principles of Sacred Dance. Created with the deepest reverence and prayer, this unique prayer movement practice is an embodiment of love, intention, and devotion.

At its core, Ahava Sacred Dance is about connection — to oneself, to others, and to the Cosmic Intelligence. Drawing inspiration from the quantum energy of the Aramaic Letters, each movement becomes a conduit for channeling divine energy. The letters themselves, sacred and full of creation , resonate with frequencies that have the potential to shift, heal, and transform.

When practiced within a community, in the sanctified space of a circle, the dance takes on a deep significance. Participants become part of a dynamic mandala, a living representation of the heavenly realm. As we dance, we anchor the ethereal Light Codes into the Earth, bringing together light, spirit, and matter.​

While Ahava Sacred Dance® can be a collective act of worship and activation, it can equally be a personal journey. As an individual practice, the dance becomes an intimate prayer, a moving meditation, and a manifestation of one's deepest intentions and devotions. Every step, every movement, every lift of the arms becomes a conversation with the divine.

In Ahava Sacred Dance® serves as a bridge between realms, a harmonization of body and spirit, and a testament to the power of intentional movement. Whether danced in solitude or in communion with others, Ahava Sacred Dance® invites you to a higher plane of consciousness, to a space where every movement is a sacred act of love.


Nashak: The Holy Kiss

We will be working with the 7 Days of Creation, aligning with the Aramaic Hebrew Letters corresponding to each day of creation, which creates an awakening of the Sacred Fire. We will receive the transmissions of the Nashak, the teachings of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua on transmissions through the Sacred Breath.

The concept of Nashak is known as the Sacred Kiss and how High Holy teachers would literally breath into the mouths of their students so the students would receive all of the wisdom of the teacher. Yet Nashak has another meaning, it is also the Kiss of the Beloveds, where their 2 sould become one and even their tikkun process, which is what each one has to heal. When we embody light, we are able to heal with our light the correction of our beloved.

Join me in Sacred Circle as we Pray through Sacred Dance and Intentional Somatic Movement, Sound Mysteries and receive Frame Drum instruction to dive deep into rhythmic meditation.

In the time of Yeshua and Mariam a kiss was the sign of the initiated. They recognized and acknowledged each other with a kiss. Just like an embrace, a kiss has various meanings.

This was known as the Nashak.

The Hebrew and Aramaic word for kiss Nashak means ‘to breathe together’ or ‘to share the same breath’ as the Holy Spirit weaves together 2 breaths into 1.

When two people kiss each other with unconditional love and soul remembrance, the doors to Malkoota d’Shmaya (Kingdom of Heaven) are opened. The Rukha D'koodsha (Aramaic for Holy Spirit) blesses the Divine Sacred Beloveds.

“The companion of the Son is Miriam of Magdala. The Teacher loved her more than all the disciples; he often kissed her on the mouth.”
In the Desert Rose Teachings, the Breath was indicative of the very life essence, source or even spirit of a person, a kiss on the mouth indicated a mingling of essences by the mingling of breath.


The Holy kiss is steeped in Gnostic meaning.

There are 2 expressions of Nashak. The first one is a transmission of wisdom through the Holy Breath that one person contains and then passes this Holy breath to another person. The other expression is more of a sexual connotation, where 2 lovers become one.

The Nashak is Sacred and when she appears in our life, we have married an aspect of the Divine.

It is time to raise our vibration by bringing awareness to our breath. The Holy Spirit breathes through us, yet for HER to actually be activated within us, we must first acknowledge the Shekhinah. Mary Magdalene in the Age of the Holy Spirit is Queen of Shabbat and now is the moment to feel her breath with us, our breaths becoming one with HER breath.


Our Experience

In this Ahava Sacred Dance session, we will dive into the mystical teachings of the Nashak through Intentional Movement, Mudra, Sacred Dance and the Neshama Practice of the Aramaic Letters of the 7 days of Creation.

  • Transmission and teachings on the Nashak, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua as Carriers of the Nashak.
  • Transmissions and Teachings of specific activations of the first 7 days of Creation and the first breath of Humanity.
  • Neshama (Soul) Movement practice of the first 7 days of Creation (Beresheet). This practice will align us with the Creation Frequencies of the first 7 letters of Creation so we can fuel ourselves with the Sacred Fire of Desire known as Hooba in Aramaic. When we embody these frequencies, the expression and expansion of our Mission is accelerated.
  • Vav Meditations and Hathorian Light Language.
  • Sacred Dance Nashak. Following the principles of Sacred Dance that holds the intention of awakening the Shiveti Adonai (our Soul Template), we will dive into Movement as Prayer, Offering and Devotion.
  • Ceremonial Frame Drumming and Sound Mysteries. We will learn a 6 beat rhythmic pattern and composition, connecting to a specific gematria transmission of the number 6. Voice awakening through Aramaic and Biblical Hebrew Chanting and a permutation of the Aramaic - Hebrew Letters to accelerate the expression and expansion of our Mission.


Ana Otero

Ahava Sacred Dance and Ceremonial Frame Drumming

May 12th at 15,00 CET

The replay is available for those who cannot make it in real time.


Ana Otero


Creation is not an event but an endless symphony, a divine dance of energies weaving the tapestry of existence. In every breath, every thought, every beat of the heart, Creation is creating infinitely, echoing the limitless potential of the cosmos within us.

We are Infinity

Our souls are stardust, the echoes of cosmic songs sung across the ages. They are not confined by space and time, but stretch into infinity, carrying within them the wisdom of the ages and the promise of tomorrow. Every soul is an endless voyage, an infinite journey through the cosmos of consciousness.

Cosmic Intelligence

We are one with absolutely everything that exists. When we learn to cycle with and embody the Cosmic Intelligence, we understand that the universe can never conspire against us as we are one in co-creation with ALL.

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Our bodies are the chalices of the Genesis. We are more than flesh and bone - we are the living, breathing psalms of the stars, inscribed in the sacred language of existence.
Ana Otero

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  Ahava Sacred Dance and Drumming: Nashak, the Holy Kiss
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