DMT Ritual Movement®

Workshop Session

Creation by Means of Breath

DMT Ritual Movement® incorporates the principles, theory and philosophy of Dance Movement Therapy with the teachings of the Desert Rose and the Alaha Shela Body Practices.

Everything is stored in our bodies, all of our experiences, all of our past lives, what we carry in our lineage, and so much more. Dancing is medicinal. Dancing is expression, dancing will totally change your relationship with your body, your communication, your manifestations and your confidence.

Finding a home again in the body is part of the soul´s journey. It can be a hard journey especially when we feel painful memories lodged in our bodies, which awaken when we begin to move more freely and naturally. Soon this is liberated and we become emptied.

DMT Ritual Movement May Workshop Session

Seat of the Soul

The process of giving and receiving is the essence of life and of spiritual understanding. Receiving means establishing a relationship with the universe. If we understand ‘receiving’ as a one-sided phenomenon – with the emphasis exclusively on what we are going to get out of this partnership – then we gradually draw away from this relationship of exchange, which ultimately represents life.

The art of receiving can only be fulfilled by letting go of what has been given. In order for life to flow, there must be a process of energetic receiving and letting go. The process of living is a continuous exchange.

Our Body and Soul also form part of this giving - receiving, establishing a sacred partnership in this incarnation. The Body is the instrument and how magical it is when the body and soul move in oneness, giving and receiving so as to express and deliver the essence of who we are.

As we explore different ways of moving our bodies, there is an energy exchange of what is created with what is received. DMT Ritual Movement is an experience of integration as we work with the Tree of Life and the Cosmic Intelligence awakened through the Practice of Intentional Movement and Alaha Shela Practices. Our Movement explores the 7 Chambers of Light, the chakra system within our bodies, and our movement expands our awareness of the Cosmic Intelligence we are infinitely in relationship with , thus expanding our desire to creatively participate in our own Creation story.

Through the experience of cosmic and sacred dance in our hearts, gestures, and body- and by way of the knowledge and understanding connected with this experience-- the cosmos begins to come alive in our whole being as a "living organism".

In the Month of May we will explore The Breath of Creation in our DMT Ritual Movement, experiencing the Neptunian teachings and understanding what our soul is longing to express through our incarnational experience. We will also understand Neptune´s Role in the Tree of Life. We will embody these activations and teachings so we can also incorporate them into our everyday lives.

From the water of Mary or from the breath of Gabriel,
In the form of a mortal fashioned of clay,
The Spirit came to be in an essence
Purified of nature, which you call Sijjin…
A Spirit from God, not from anything else.
Thus he raised up the dead and made birds from clay…
God purified him in body and exalted him in spirit,
And made of him a symbol of engendering.

Ibn Arabi

Ibn Arabi speaks of the creation of Yeshua – by means of a breath, a word, a spirit, cast into Mary. This is a miraculous sign of Alaha´s creativity in general, of the way in which the spirit enlivens matter. 

 According to Ibn ‘Arabi, the universe originates in the epiphany of the “Muhammadan Reality” (al-haqiqa al-muhammadiyya), this reality being the most receptive of all realities – contained within the primal “Cloud”, this is the Cosmic Womb. By virtue of Mary´s receptivity to this Light, she is able to receive the Breath of Alaha and hold the ultimate creativity of Light. 

In our DMT Ritual Movement Workshop Session in May we will dive into the teachings of Creation by Means of Breath. 

As this Class will be experienced in the Month of Iyar - Taurus, the month of Healing and Light Creation, we will also practice meditations to decalcify the pineal gland, opening up the Crown Chakra. We will also practice sufi vocal meditations so as to open up the voice and allow the Amrita in our throat chakra to infuse our entire body.

Sessions Include:

Alaha Shela Body Practices

Egyptian Energy Medicine

Holistic Movement

Dance Movement Therapy


Tantric Activations to awaken the serpent energy

Sacred Sounds

Aramaic Chanting

In these sessions we will also chant Pleiadian, Hathor - Venus Light Language.

Celestial Communications

Ancestral Mysticism

Cosmic Alignment

Frame Drumming Instruction now included!

Extra Integration Practice Video

In the Year of 2023 our Sessions include Mystical - Gnostic Teachings of the Planets to understand their influence on us and our incarnational experience.

The beauty of Dance Movement Therapy is that it is always aligned to the Physical and Spiritual perspective of the teacher who facilitates the session. In all of the Dance Movement Therapy sessions I teach we work with the teachings of the Desert Rose and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life..

Dancing brings us into completeness, healing the past, co-creating the future.

As we release our true colours through our movement we access a universal language that transcends words and therefore language barriers. We are taken from the invisible into the visible realm. Dance embodies the Kingdom. Dance enables us to connect with ourselves, with others, and makes our hearts beat together as one.

No Dance Experience is required as this session can be for professional dancers or for those of you who want to start moving your bodies with awareness.

If you would like to bring more creativity into your life, balance, and release blockages and patterns that you are holding in your body, I think that you will enjoy this Dance Movement Therapy Session. If you want to cultivate a prayer practice that includes the body, this Session will guide you into experiencing ecstatic Body - Soul Sacred Union. DMT Ritual Movement is for Women and Men.

Date of our DMT Ritual Movement: May 7th, 10,30 - 13,00 CET. The Workshop will be recorded for those who cannot attend the Live Session and an ebook will also be available.

20% Discount available if you sign up in April.


Ahava and Blessings to all,

Ana Otero

Dance Movement Therapy

I started dancing at the age of three, this was how I spoke to the Divine. I later went on to pursue dance professionally, receiving my PHD in Dance Movement Therapy. My true study of sacred movement happened when I lived in the Middle East for many years, and I was gifted the blessings of studying with the Sufis, the Sacred Traditions of Indian Dance, Egyptian Dance, the Essene technique of Healing and Egyptian Energy Medicine. I also was blessed with learning Flamenco with the Gypsies in Granada. Movement is Prayer, Movement is Medicine, Movement is Remembrance, Movement is a Language of the Soul.

Embodied Sacred Practices

Let us attune our body, mind and heart with the Divine. Aramaic Chanting, Light Language, Drumming, Celestial Movement Meditations, Sacred Dance, Ritual. Experience the embodiment of ancient practices with the modern day technology of Dance Movement Therapy.

Cosmic Intelligence

We are one with absolutely everything that exists. When we learn to cycle with and embody the Cosmic Intelligence, we understand that the universe can never conspire against us as we are one in co-creation with ALL. In our sessions in 2023 we will experience Cosmic Harmoy with the Planets, Stars and Heavenly Light, understanding these teachings within the Teachings of the Desert Rose.

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Dance as Ecstatic Prayer

Dancing is not just getting up painlessly, like a leaf blown on the wind; dancing is when you tear your heart out and rise out of your body to hang suspended between the worlds.