Kabbalistic Astrology Workshop: An Introduction

Welcome to the mystical world of Kabbalistic Astrology. This workshop is designed to unveil the ancient wisdom encoded in the Zohar and the Sefer Yetzirah (the Book of Creation), providing you with a foundational understanding of how celestial movements reflect and influence our spiritual journey.

Kabbalistic Astrology and Western mainstream Astrology differ greatly. In this workshop you will learn that you have many possible futures, and that through the desire to receive wisdom through the transcendence of the physical DNA and the awakening of the Spiritual DNA, you can live the highest expression of your Destiny.


Spiritual DNA

The Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation), written by Abraham the Patriarch, teaches us that our souls are endowed with a unique spiritual DNA, conveyed through an intricate and precise cosmic process involving the planets of our solar system. According to this ancient text, these celestial bodies serve as the instruments through which spiritual DNA is intricately woven into an our soul. The specific characteristics of this spiritual imprint are defined by the precise moment of one's birth, influenced by the unique positioning of planets and stars at that time.

The Sefer Yetzirah positions the planets not just as physical entities, but as vital components in the Cosmic Intelligence, deeply involved in the spiritual structuring of human existence.

Our Experience

  • The Basics of Kabbalistic Astrology: Understand the core principles that distinguish Kabbalistic Astrology from other astrological practices, focusing on its spiritual and mystical dimensions.
  • Zodiacal Frequencies and Their Meanings: Explore the essence and vibrational qualities of each zodiac sign from a Kabbalistic perspective, including the spiritual corrections associated with them.
  • Transcending the Correction: Learn to identify and overcome the Correction of your astrological influences, enabling spiritual growth and a stronger connection with the Light and your soul Essence.
  • The Connection Between the Cosmos and the Soul: Discover how Kabbalistic Astrology provides insights into your soul's purpose, challenges, and potential, framed within the grand cosmic design.
  • The Letters of Creation: Understand how the Aramaic Letters create the Blue Print of our Spiritual DNA.
  • Sephirotic Meditation and Aramaic Chanting Practice. We will finish our workshop with a Sephirotic Meditation and an Aramaic Chanting Practice.


Ana Otero

This is just the beginning...

Kabbalistic Astrology is a very deep teaching and practice. This workshop holds the intention of giving you tools so you may start to awaken the Sacred Body Vessel that is here to hold the Soul so that the Soul can be the Vessel for the Light.

This is the astrology of our great Desert Rose Ancestors and this is the root of Biblical Astrology. The early Christian Community also followed Kabbalistic Astrology as followers of Christ Messiah, inheriting the ancient wisdom of the Book of Creation.

This workshop will take Place March 14th at 15,00 CET. The replay will be available. Due to the sacred nature of these teachings, there are a certain amount of spaces and once the group is filled the Temple Doors will close.


Ana Otero


Creation is not an event but an endless symphony, a divine dance of energies weaving the tapestry of existence. In every breath, every thought, every beat of the heart, Creation is creating infinitely, echoing the limitless potential of the cosmos within us.

We are Infinity

Our souls are stardust, the echoes of cosmic songs sung across the ages. They are not confined by space and time, but stretch into infinity, carrying within them the wisdom of the ages and the promise of tomorrow. Every soul is an endless voyage, an infinite journey through the cosmos of consciousness.

Cosmic Intelligence

We are one with absolutely everything that exists. When we learn to cycle with and embody the Cosmic Intelligence, we understand that the universe can never conspire against us as we are one in co-creation with ALL.

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Our bodies are the chalices of the Genesis. We are more than flesh and bone - we are the living, breathing psalms of the stars, inscribed in the sacred language of existence.
Ana Otero

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  Kabbalistic Astrology Workshop. An Introduction
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