Myriam´s Well Novena

A 9 Day Journey to awaken Prophecy, Vision, Wisdom, Healing, Mission, Creativity and Unification

Welcome to Miriam´s Well Novena. This is our first Novena for 2024 at the Desert Rose Mystery School and this Novena initiates the work we will be doing with the other 2 Novenas (I offer three a year).

Novenas at The Desert Rose Mystery School are 9 day journeys filled with practices, chanting, prayers, teachings, transmissions, healing, community, awakening and deep transformation through wisdom.

In this Novena we receive Prophetess Myriam, who had the ability to receive divine teachings and wisdom through an active engagement with the divine will. It is through her openness, her willingness to serve as a conduit of the divine light, that she teaches us the power of embracing our role as vessels of the divine, of nurturing the light within us, and of sharing that light with the world through our unique expressions.

My heart beats with bliss, desire and faith with Myriam, a very ancient and powerful presence in my life.

Ana Otero

Our Song is our Prayer

The presence of Myriam came into my life when I was 17 years old. My Middle Eastern Dance teacher invited me to a Hathor Priestess Training, my first Priestess Training, and in this Sacred Space I met Myriam. I had read about her role in the Bible, yet to embody her presence and understand her mission and expression completely transformed me. Having had experiences and visions with the Holy Spirit since a young age, I finally felt at home with a High Holy teacher, a Light Being, that taught the way of Wisdom through song, music and dance. My first teaching from Myriam was that we must Tune our bodies, our instruments, to be the Vessel prepared to receive completely the light, and as a result, our Soul.

In the holy book of the Zohar, it is said that on the 6th day of Creation our Vessel broke, it wasn´t strong enough to hold the light because we were distracted by something external. Myriam teaches us how to return our Vessel to its true state so we may continue to receive the infinite Flow of the Light of Creation, the Light of Alaha.

Biblically, Miriam is recognized as the sister of Moses and Aaron, playing a crucial role in the Exodus narrative. She is celebrated as a prophetess, leading the women of Israel in song and dance after the crossing of the Red Sea, her voice echoing the triumph and faith of a people delivered from slavery. This act of praise and worship highlights her leadership, commitment, certainty, and her deep connection to the divine, marking her as a vessel through which faith and joy are expressed and shared.

On a higher mystical level when we go beyond the narrative, Miriam represents the Divine Feminine Presence, a manifestation of the Shekhinah, or the indwelling presence of Alaha. She represents the Vessel that knows how to embody the wisdom. Her association with water symbolizes life, healing, creativity and spiritual purity. Water, in its flowing and nurturing qualities, mirrors the aspects of the Divine Feminine that are spiritual, receptive, adaptable, and life-giving.

Myriam is a strong vessel to receive, generate, and share the Light. Drumming, chanting and dancing are the spiritual practices she embodied to invoke the Holy Spirit's presence. Through rhythm and voice, Miriam channels the divine energy, facilitating communal connection and individual transformation. Drumming and chanting, as practiced by Myriam, become mediums of spiritual receptivity, allowing her and those around her to attune to the divine frequencies and to embody the Holy Spirit.

During this 9 day journey we will activate 9 sacred blessings and transmissions through the presence of Myriam.


Ana Otero

Day 1: Myriam’s Leadership and the Golden Chain Sarai - Mother Mary - Mary Magdalene - Mother Anna - Sarah Tamar

Myriam embodied leadership through the guidance of Chochmah, wisdom. We will activate the teachings of Myriam´s leadership and also understand her connection with Hathor, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Matriarchs of the Christ Lineage. This day 1 focuses on how we can embody, Men and Women, a Divine Feminine Presence within our leadership.

Sacred Story: Reflect on Myriam's role as a leader and prophetess in the Exodus narrative, highlighting her importance in guiding the Israelites alongside Moses and Aaron.

Transmission 1: The Golden chain of the Maryams, the Priestesses of Light.

Day 2: The Waters of Deliverance

In the teachings of Yeshua, it is through water that we are cleansed, redeemed and receive deliverance. It is through water that we receive the abundant flow of the SHEFA from the heavens, which helps us heal the blocks we carry that don´t allow our gifts and mission to fully expand. The Waters of deliverance free us from satana, the word Yeshua uses to describe that which takes us away from our light. On Day 2 we will call upon the Mayim, the higher waters of creation, for a powerful Cleansing of these blocks that we carry. This day is also focused on a celular and energetic cleansing for the purpose of cutting cords with that which no longer is part of our journey.

Sacred Stories: Explore the significance of water in Miriam's story, symbolizing deliverance and divine protection.

Transmission 2: The Golden chain of the Maryams, the Priestesses of Light.

Day 3: The Well as a Source of Life

On Day 3 we will explore the abundance of the Shefa and how to tap into more abundance in every category of our life. We will understand the role of how to Manifest, which is actually the work that the Vessel is here to do. We usually get caught up in containing the light, containing the inspiration, and we must know that a vessel is only complete when a vessel manifests.

 Sacred Story: Delve into the symbolism of Miriam's Well as a life-giving source for the Israelites in the desert, representing Alaha's provision and sustenance.

Transmission 3: The Golden chain of the Maryams, the Priestesses of Light.

Day 4: Purification and Renewal through Sound Mysteries

We will dive into the Magdalene Sound Mysteries for Womb and Heart Healing. We will experience a water ritual to heal the Divine Feminine within us so as to strengthen our Vessel to receive. We will dive into a very powerful Desert Rose Bee Sound Practice.

 Sacred Story: Focus on the theme of water for purification rituals in and how Myriam’s association with water symbolizes spiritual cleansing and renewal. How sound can activate the Mayim Chai, the Living Waters.

Transmission 4: The Golden chain of the Maryams, the Priestesses of Light.

Day 5: The Song of Myriam

On Day 5 we will focus on our voices and sound mysteries as we embody the Song of the Sea. There will be a strong connection to Imma Illah (Divine Cosmic Mother) and Yamma (the ocean). As we dive into the Desert Rose Sound Mysteries, we will explore the power of music and song in spiritual practice.

Sacred Story: Study the Song of the Sea, sung by Miriam and the women of Israel, as an expression of victory and divine salvation, exploring the power of music and song in spiritual practice.

Transmission 5: The Golden chain of the Maryams, the Priestesses of Light.

Day 6: Prophecy and Divine Communication

On Day 6 we will receive the teachings and transmissions of the power of our Intuition. In the age of the Holy Spirit, also known as the Age of Aquarius, the intellect only is not enough to navigate the journey of our life. We will explore powerful meditations to balance the pituitary and pineal glands and open up the portal of our own revelation. We will understand the meaning of Prophecy, Remembrance, Dreams and Visions.

Sacred Story: Reflect on Miriam’s role as a prophetess, her communication with the divine, and what her story teaches about listening for and interpreting Alaha's messages today.

Transmission 6: The Golden chain of the Maryams, the Priestesses of Light.

Day 7: Challenges and Resilience

This is the Day we tap into our Divine Mission. On Day 7 we will upgrade our resilience and understand where the challenges we are going through come from and to understand why they are present in our lives. We will activate our Divine Masculine energy and channel our awareness to being, giving and generating Light. We will focus on the areas in our life where the Light is needed so we may recognize, receive and re-direct our Divine Mission.

Sacred Story: Examine the challenges Myriam faced, focusing on themes of resilience, repentance, and forgiveness.

Transmission 7: The Golden chain of the Maryams, the Priestesses of Light.

Day 8: The Divine Feminine

On Day 8 we will receive teachings from Yeshua and Mary Magdalene that mirror the teachings of Miriam on the theme of Vessel (Feminine) and Light (Masculine). We hold both energies, men and women, and knowing when to use each one is what helps us in our expansion, mission and manifesting the longing of our Soul. We will also understand our Mission as a Woman and a Man in the incarnations we have chosen.

Sacred Story: Myriam as an embodiment of the Divine Feminine Presence and how she complements the Male High Holy Teachers.

Transmission 8: The Golden chain of the Maryams, the Priestesses of Light.

Day 9: Wells and Community

On Day 9 we consecrate the 9 day journey with a powerful reflection on the symbolism of the Well as Womb, as Healing, as Abundance, as Love,as Sexuality and mostly, as our thirst for Wisdom.

Reflect on the significance of wells in ancient cultures as places of community, meeting, and divine encounters.

We will understand the meaning of the Well in the teachings of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and its symbolism in Sacred Scripture.

Transmission 9: The Golden chain of the Maryams, the Priestesses of Light.

This Novena includes 9 days of Teachings, Transmissions and Embodiment.

Practices included:

Biblical Myrraphore Teaching: Activating our Sacred Anointing oil.

Celestial Movement Meditation Practice for the 9 Days.

Aramaic Mantra for the 9 Days.

Aramaic - Hebrew Letters permutation for each of the 9 days. These are the combination of 3 Aramaic Letters that activate certain frequencies.

A Mikveh - Ritual Bath PDF with prayers and preparation instructions.

For those who have a Frame Drum (or any drum), we will learn a Desert Rhythm to practice every day! If you don´t have a Frame Drum, use your hands to clap, and if you would like to purchase a Frame Drum please write to me so I can advise you: [email protected]


A Sacred Dance Practice.

A Magdalene Womb Yoga Practice.

This Novena is for Women and Men who feel the calling to embody the teachings of the Christ Lineage, and in this particular Novena, to embody the wisdom of the Prophetess Myriam.

At the completion of the Novena, you will feel awakened, nourished, healed, creative, and more aligned with your Soul, Mission and Gifts.

How does the Novena work:

Every day for 9 days you will receive the transmissions and teachings as of 6 am CET.

Novenas at The Desert Rose Mystery School are accessible and provide lots of deep and nourishing material.

We start on the 23nd of April, the Full Moon. We will journey together with the powerful Pesach Portal.


Ana Otero


Creation is not an event but an endless symphony, a divine dance of energies weaving the tapestry of existence. In every breath, every thought, every beat of the heart, Creation is creating infinitely, echoing the limitless potential of the cosmos within us.

We are Infinity

Our souls are stardust, the echoes of cosmic songs sung across the ages. They are not confined by space and time, but stretch into infinity, carrying within them the wisdom of the ages and the promise of tomorrow. Every soul is an endless voyage, an infinite journey through the cosmos of consciousness.

Cosmic Intelligence

We are one with absolutely everything that exists. When we learn to cycle with and embody the Cosmic Intelligence, we understand that the universe can never conspire against us as we are one in co-creation with ALL.

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Our bodies are the chalices of the Genesis. We are more than flesh and bone - we are the living, breathing psalms of the stars, inscribed in the sacred language of existence.
Ana Otero